AccNetiZ Accounting Software

AccNetiZ is the packaged accounting software running on the Windows operating system, properly designed to run on a computer or multiple users on a network. It was designed to suit various types of small or medium businesses.

Easy to learn, easy to use.

Interface design is similar to the Microsoft office softwares like Word, Excel. Its prominent features such as: friendly icons, toolbars, main screen clearly displayed in tree diagram with specifically categorized functions, make the system AccNetiZ easy to learn and easy to use, save time and cost of training staff.

Professional Designs.


Users input data into the system through the input programs when accounting events arise such as receipt vouchers, payment vouchers, material transferring notes, sales receipts...

The principle is inputting data from original documents, the system will automatically record in the general ledger and subsidiary ledger appropriately.

The accounting events will be logged in the system as soon as they arise, the account balance, inventory ... will be updated immediately once they are verified. Thus, at any time, the system can also indicate the current balance of the account, the amount of inventory and of customers’ outstanding balance...

Reporting System:

- Producing the reporting system in the form prescribed by the Vietnamese latest accounting regulations (VAS).

- Offering detailed reports complying with the standards of International Accounting Systems (IAS).

- Providing tax inputs, outputs, returns ... as required by the Tax Department.

- Giving the financial statements to indicate an overview of operational situation of whole enterprise.

- Delivering the reports that provide quick information for administrators: business situation, cost, transfering money, inventory, liabilities, capital structure ... in the interactively multidimensional report with visual diagrams.

AccNetiZ is designed to operate in a local network when many accounting employees working on the software simultaneously:

- Dealing with foreign currency and accounting currency.

- Allowing you to choose accounting currency at the request of the enterprise.

- Allowing you to track cash flow, cash, and liabilities in original and accounting currency simultaneously.

- Handling multiple database.

- Allowing you to open an enormous number of new figures.