AccNetBA Accounting Software

AccNetBA is the accounting software for corporate financial management that meets every rigorous standard established by Vietnam Accounting System (VAS), International Accounting System (IAS) and always promptly updates the provisions of the Ministry of Finance.

With over 5,000 enterprise customers and continuously increased since 1995, Accnet accounting software has been as fully developed and stable as any foreign financial softwares, not to mention its price and features fitting into the environment in Vietnam...

AccNetBA is the system of enterprise resource management which is capable of taking on various tasks: from collecting, processing information to managing key areas of the business such as finance, sales, purchasing, inventory ... and integrated with many other subsystems.

This software includes functions and operations similar to AccNetC version: skillfully managing inventory, liabilities (receivables and payables), cash, bank deposits, tax reporting, general accounting, information for business leaders, as well as many other optional/customized functions. It supports multi-currency and multi-language.

The system possesses sophisticated tools for working on multi-dimensional analysis, which helps managers to monitor the situation of production, business operation and financial management of the business from many different angles.

In particular, AccNet9 BA has friendly interface which is easy to use, accurate, and helps you and your staff to simplify your work accordingly. Amassing, integrating a variety of databases from all branches via Internet in a flash and without much effort.

The biggest difference between AccNetBA and AccNetC is the application’s platform: Accnet accounting software AccNetBA is a application running on Windows platform (Server - Client), while the software AccNetC runs on cross-platform web browsers (IE9, FireFox, Google Chrome), iOS and Android operating systems.