AccNet MAC Administrative Reporting System - AccNetERP

Administrative reporting system of AccNetERP accounting software allows users to build complex administrative reports in the form of re-built reports (Re-built) on Excel by combining available data in AccNet with Excel’s external data sources via ACNXL data access service.

AccNetMAC is a service that provides a quick access method to the database given by AccNet accounting software via Excel spreadsheets. This service is provided in the form of functions and automatically registered to Excel environment as Add-ins.

Based on the very familiar environment Microsoft Excel, users can use this service to access AccNet’s basic data as well as other sources in Excel to build optionally administrative reports. The report is done once and will be used for many reporting periods.

Some typical reports:

Cash Flow: 2 methods (direct and indirect)

Presenting financial statement in form

Reporting Profit and Loss under the departments

Business result analysis report: Comparing plan to reality, growth rate over months, quarters or years.