Customer Relationship Management (CRM) - AccNetERP


The Customer Relationship Management module supports the following:

 - Keep marketing information, processes and activities under tight control to increase sales and better customer service.

- Manage business activities.

- Help your business to track and optimize the management of business activities,  especially business opportunities.

- Manage business processes on a stage-by-stage basis as well as transactions between your employees and customers.

- Keep track of customer service.

- Help to formulate strategies.

- Manage marketing campaigns like email marketing,  customer care.

- Assess customer satisfaction.

 Manage customer relationship in business:

+ Manage information about customers/leads

+ Manage business opportunities

+ Manage the history of transactions

+ Manage quotations and contracts

+ Manage business appointments

+ Schedule appointments and remind your personnel about them

+ Schedule customer care

Manage customer relationship in marketing:

+ Manage the lists of target customers

+ Manage marketing campaigns

+ Manage email marketing campaigns

+ Send marketing e-mails

+ Receive feedback

+ Assess each campaign’s efficiency

 - Customer care:

+ Manage the history of customer care

+ Manage feedback about your products and services

+ Manage customer care activities

 - Call center:

+ Coordinate phone calls

+ Display customer information when receiving phone calls

+ Record phone calls

+ Monitor telephonists’ working process

+ List phone calls

 - Report:

+ Report on current customers

+ Report on new customers on a daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly or yearly basis

+ Report on the schedules of business appointments

+ Report on leads

+ Monitor increases/decreases in the number of customers through charts

+ Report on debts

+ Report on the products that are currently used by your customers

+ Report on marketing campaigns

+ Report on each customer care specialist