Expense Analysis - AccNetERP

AccNetERP assembles costs based on item of cost, cost center, project, contract,ect. It can automatically allocate closing period cost by periodic closing entry and distribution.

AccNetERP helps analyze the cost by cost center and item of cost such as telephone cost, business travel expenses, advertising cost, salesperson wages.

The program helps assemble cost and revenue, showing the gross profit or loss by using different criteria such as departments, activities, contracts, projects, proposals, etc.

It allows quote temporary prices of finished products in case of warehouse input and automatically adjust to the actual costs. It helps update the actual costs of the previous period to set the temporary cost price for the following one.

AccNetERP automatically generates closing entries and periodic cost allocation in accordance with user-defined principles for each type of entry.

Cost allocation basis can be specified in advance with little change such as coefficient of cost allocation, the standard number of working hours ... or the changing one such as the actual number of working hours, production, wages, manufacturing workers.

AccNetERP can also support in the actual cost price calculation.