General Ledger - AccNetERP

AccNetERP provides general and detailed accounting books such as journals and accounting documents.

AccNetERP provides some additional features:

Allow to set up the fiscal year to be concurrent or different with the calendar year.

Check validation before updating.

Document approval policy.

Update the ledger by document, journal or entire accounting period.

Update multilayer data: general data, internal date, taxes, estimates.

Set up the payment discount policy for each invoice.

Handle the exchange rate differences.

Close the accounting year.

Monitor and analyze multidirectional cost and revenue: accounts, departments, cost centers, cost items.

Include cost automatically or as defined by users.

Allot cost flexibly

- Allotter and allottee: accounts, departments, cost centers, cost items.

- Flexible allotment basis: fixed coefficient, potential account, quantity...


Make estimates of business performance in details of each department, cost center, cost item.

Keep track of multicurrency liabilities in details of objects, invoices, projects and schemes. Monitoring the level of liabilities of each customer and supplier. Help businesses select the methods of keeping track of liabilities by debt account : invoices, objects, calculating the aging of overdue debts, current debts with the number of days in the flexible aging calculating cycle; calculating the aging in details of invoices, objects or salesperson.

Provide the complete financial statements, tax reports as prescribed by Vietnam’s law and a variety of management reports:

- Financial statements: balance sheet; business performance; cash flows (direct and indirect); financial statement explanations.

Tax reports: tax return; input/output list.

Management reports: analysis of financial indicators, financial statements, cost, profit/loss report of each department, cost center, cost item.