Inventory Management - AccNetERP

AccNetERP helps enterprises manage the warehouse input, output and inventory by category and group with the details of supplies and goods in warehouses.

The program has many special features and utilities in accordance with specific inventory management of enterprises in all sectors. It can keep track of goods in its lifetime lot number, unit conversion, control warehouse output by quota, set the minimum inventory for each of materials, goods, and list of out-of-date items so that the enterprises can make clearance of the inventory, goods with near expiry date.

AccNetERP has provided lots of features that support enterprises in optimized inventory management.

Manage the input and output of the warehouse through 4 phases

Making a quotation -> Creating an order -> Receiving goods-> Invoicing

Manage by multidirections (warehouse, location, lot, series)

Manage by configuration, color, size.

Manage inventory both in reality and in records.

Allow lot control of condition, quality, validity, lifetime, origin.

Allow setting up confirmation status of receiving or delivering in the process of warehouse output and input.

Allow the accountants periodically make list of inventory to detect the differences between the accounting books and reality.

Classify the inventory by alphabetical order.

AccNetERP meets the warehouse valuation methods: Closing period average, instant average, FIFO, specific identification.

Accountants can convert the unit of which the warehouse input documents are using to other unit and can switch the methods back and forth.

AccNetERP provides the full set of warehouse output/input forms, cards, inventory reports, commodities record, etc. It also provides many kids of report: instant inventory, out-of-date items, inventory turnover, commodity of maximum/ minimum turnover and inventory aging.