Purchasing Management - AccNetERP

Along with the sales process, AccNetERP also provides a closed purchasing process

Making a quotation -> Creating an order -> Receiving goods-> Shipping -> Invoicing

AccNetERP gives a complete report on accounting business of goods/service purchasing, payment services to sellers, dealing with goods returned, discount goods, purchasing imported goods, purchasing on contracts and cost allocation, approving orders.

AccNetERP allows enterprises to manage their price policy, the discount policy of the providers. It can also support in receiving goods with no limit of times with only one-time invoice and making comparison on prices among the vendors.

AccNetERP helps accountants control the redundant, deficient or excess receiving of goods in the warehouse input process.

AccNetERP can also make purchasing statistics based on different criteria: commodities, suppliers, geographic locations, supplier groups, etc.

AccNetERP’s purchase management is fully integrated with other modules.

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