Sales Management - AccNetERP

AccNetERP supports in tracking of the sales accounting (including goods and services), collecting sales revenues, sales return accounting, discounts, clearing debts…

Allow a closed sales process 

Making a quotation -> Creating an order -> Issuing goods-> Shipping -> Invoicing

The program allows the enterprise to set up the comletely flexible easy-to-update price and discount policies. 

Commodity: configuration, size, color.

Customer: terms of payment, forms of payment, means of transportation, inventory.

Check the debt limit, number of goods available to sell.

AccNetERP provide features reserving goods for the order based on the method of inventory valuation:

- FIFO (First In, First Out) 

- FEFO (First Expired, First Out) 

- LIFO (Last In, First Out) 

Allow shipping with no limit of times to many different locations on the same order and help enterprises easily control the redundant, deficient or excess delivery.

Allow delivery with no limit of times with one or more invoices for the orders and help keep track of sales and commissions calculation.

This program helps the enterprise count the orders and make multidirectional sales analysis: 

  • Commodities: line, item, size, color.
  • Customer: group, customer category, salesperson.
  • Location: country, province, district, region.
  • Terms of sales: terms of payment, forms of payment, forms of delivery.
  • Time: Comparison in time.
  • Ratio: percentage ratio of totality.
  • Others: business activities; departments, centers; cost, contract.
  • Group of the items, customer, salesperson… with the highest/lowest sales/gross profit.