The System of Managing Points of Sale - AccNetERP

The AccNetERP accounting software’s system of managing points of sale is tailored for retailing businesses (supermarkets, bookstores…), managing materials’ barcodes and allowing for connecting with barcode readers in order to issue retail invoices. Besides, it automatically connects with the AccNet accounting subsystems for inventory reports, sales analysis and other financial reports.

Furthermore, the software has been rich in functionality and set the system flexibly:

- Allowing you to manage many different payment methods (cash, Master Card, Visa Card, coupons, discount vouchers), set codes automatically, multi-currency payment, multilingual interface.

Managing in issuing loyalty cards

Accumulating points or values through every purchase;

Establishing policies with special discounts for patrons;

Releasing statistics in a trice and accurately customers’ status, numbers of purchases, accumulated points and values.

Giving support to establishing diverse promotional policy by:

- Having an ability to set pricing policies and other flexible promotion programs, therefore it is suitable for each of stage and item.

- Doing diverse promotion programs: offering gifts, discounting.

- Handling retails closely, flexibly;

- Supporting in cash payment;

- Supporting in deposit payment;

- Handling order and delivery process;

- Handling process of return products.

- Synthesizing multi-branched database from various outlets.

- Managing liabilities, revenues - expenses:

Managing accounts receivable;

Managing accounts payable;

Managing receipt vouchers; payment vouchers;

Reporting on liabilaties in general and details;

Reporting on revenue and cost in general and details.

Issuing retail invoices, VAT invoices:

Issuing invoices for retailers when they pay. If the customers require an immediate VAT invoice, it will be generated from retail invoices and printed for customers. 

Creating aggregate VAT invoices at the end of the day based on the retail invoices during the day.

The reporting system complete, diverse and useful:

The list of retail goods;

The general report on stock;

The report on process of importing /exporting/stocking products;

The report on total revenues;

The report on sales according to shifts, dates, cashiers ...;

The report on total sales of goods group, according to the counter;

The report on inventory counters;

The report on patrons’ status;

The report on status of payment, deposit;

The report on returning products;

And many other reports...