AccNetC Accounting Software

As a piece of software for managing enterprise accounting and finance on the cloud, Lạc Viet AccNetC meets all the standards of the Vietnamese Accounting System (VAS) and the International Accounting System (IAS). It always complies with the regulations from the Ministry of Finance.

AccNetC can collect, process, manage an enterprise’s key information, such as purchase, sale, inventory, accounting and finance...

Having more than 5,000 enterprises as customers and successive updates since 1995, Lac Viet AccNetC is as “mature” and stable as any of its foreign counterparts, but its price and features are very suitable for the Vietnamese market.


As an online piece of software, Lac Viet AccNetC runs on IE9, FireFox, Chrome, IOS and Android.

Benefits of Lac Viet AccNetC:

  • No installation is necessary (All you have to do is log on to it and use it)
  • No infrastructure cost is required.
  • You can access it anytime and anyplace.
  • Payment is made on a monthly basis and in small amounts.
  • No IT personnel are required.
  • Remarkably, its service value is of great help to financial managers and chief accountants.

Implementation: You can choose any of the following implementation models:

- Implementation on the cloud:
Lac Viet will provide resources and infrastructures. You will do nothing but register for the use of AccNetC and pay monthly service charges. Lac Viet provides these services on condition that you register for the use of AccNet C and make online payments.

- On-site implementation:
You can use your own servers or rent the servers of Lac Viet on the cloud.

Interface of AccNetC: