Inventory Management - AccNetC

Lac Viet AccNetC makes it possible to record activities like warehouse input, input of finished products, warehouse output, delivery of raw materials, delivery of goods to agencies, delivery of goods to internal warehouses ...

inventory-adjustmentsWith AccNetC, you can take prescribed quantities of raw materials out of a warehouse to make finished products, so accountants can easily control warehouse output and issue output vouchers. AccNetC also helps accountants to determine warehouse output differences.

It provides all output vouchers, input vouchers, warehouse tickets, registers of raw materials ... as required by law.

inventory-storecardAccNetC provides many methods to calculate the value of inventory, namely BQGQ, FIFO, LIFO, Actual specification.
Inventory management is carried out at different levels: Central warehouse, Warehouse, Account, Code of raw materials, Batch, Barcode list.

inventory-barcodelistManage raw materials by size, color….

Display the inventory balance of each item on screen.

It will compare actual inventory with prescribed minimum/maximum levels of inventory and issues warnings when warehouse input/output exceeds prescribed levels.

Actual cost prices.