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Today, with the explosion of computing services, the administration of an effective IT infrastructure poses a challenge for managers. The IT-based services should always be changed, providing high availability, minimize the generation of the incident but want to take advantage of the power of infrastructure. Understand that, Lac Viet Computing Company is pleased to bring enterprises a solution which is capable of solving the above requirements, this is also a trend of the current era of computing - Cloud computing.
Cloud computing has the remarkable advantages, such as:
The ability to control access to the system resources anytime and anywhere.
Optimize your system resources - take advantage of physical resources.
Monitoring quickly
Reduce total cost of operating
The standards-based service on "cloud":
"Cloud" can provide users with 03 basic services include:
SaaS - Software as a Service: Users can request to use the software as a service on demand. End users will not need to install software applications running on terminal personal computer via a web browser to use, to help minimize maintenance and support for users.
PaaS - Platform as a Service: This service provides computing background via Web services. It allows businesses to create Web applications quickly without needing to consider the cost or complexity of software / hardware.
IaaS - Infrastructure as a Service: This service provides users with server computing infrastructure as a service. Instead users have to buy a server, a license, a server storage space… then here it is provided as a service on "cloud". The entire resources of the CPU, memory, storage are allocated on demand.
The use of software-based cloud computing will bring many benefits for new businesses: In terms of internet widespread coverage, cloud computing connecting becomes easier, simpler, helping businesses can access anytime, anywhere, on any device, in order to manage in a comprehensive and fast way.

Customers and employees of the enterprise can change their working methods, selling, finding information in a quickest and most convenient way with the cloud computing. The exchange and storage of information also happens rapidly and safely.
With a low cost, quick implementation and clear investment budget, the cloud computing is the optimal solution for enterprises.
AccNet C software rental service is provided for businesses in the form of SaaS (Service as a Service) in accordance with the professional process:
Today, the development with remarkable speed of the network service providers in the market that allows the use of high-speed transmission with increasingly low cost, making remote access is no longer a barrier block, along with the reduction in investment costs to minimum while making sure that business still has tools to support the operating efficiently, the software leasing solution is truly useful for those benefits as follows:
Saving investment cost for business by hiring only software and services with reasonable price according to the needs of Management (monthly rent, rent-by-module, rented by some users ...)
Without costing for IT personnel initiating and maintaining software systems that are used for rent such as renting software and technical support, or full service lease (including providing technical infrastructure, providing software or consulting services-manual for businesses), in accordance with the diverse needs of businesses.
Without costing for warranty and maintenance, software upgrades and always using the latest version that is under the product development roadmap of Lac Viet company.
In addition, with the service based on cloud computing, by default Lac Viet will support services for clients such as:
Virtual machine operating system license
Secure access system (Secure Access) for administrators.
Multi-layer security system, giving maximum support for enterprises’ system from the Internet to avoid risks.
Security services are managed by professional and effective staff.


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