Besides installing and transferring the system, Lac Viet also provides complete and enthusiastic guide for customers.
The training will help professionals operate and exploit the system, processing information, reducing risks and errors. Therefore training courses is also a very important part in the process of implementing and transferring technology of Lac Viet.
Participants of these training courses are usually heads of the company and the unit members, professionals involved in the updating information, operational data exploiting AccNet system.
By participating in this course, participants will be divided according to each level of operating and training courses with the primary basic content: purpose, business function according to each subsystem of AccNet system.
Besides, members of the operating and management group in the AccNet system of the company will be trained deeply on the issues:
Using the basic business applications of system problems.
Using text files online, the online help file.
Guiding to read and use the documents.
Giving guidelines on system management (OS, Database ...)


Financial Account Docs

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